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Buying a printer scanner copier will make life much more convenient whether it’s for work or home, so take a look at our refurbished printers and scanners to save money today. We have a range of great refurbished printers and scanners, all at affordable prices, from a range of leading manufacturers such as Canon, HP, Epson, Konica, Xerox and Fujitsu. - See more ...

We are committed to supplying the highest standard of product as well as achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

About the Refurbishment Process

All of our printers copiers and scanners are refurbished to order by our team of expert in-house technicians, this ensures that we can deliver products of the highest possible standard. We begin by testing the basic functionality of the unit using print quality test pages. This will highlight any (and all) substandard parts, which are replaced immediately.

Once the units have been brought back to 100% working condition, they are thoroughly cleaned both internally and externally. We then continue to test all applicable functions, this includes: connection testing (USB, parallel, ethernet etc), duplex testing, quality testing and volume testing. When the refurbishment process in Sharjah Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE has been completed we bubble-wrap the product and package it using Instapack foam, which ensures maximum safety during the handling process. We then distribute the product.

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