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  • 10+ years of payroll, CRM, ERP and accounting software deployment in the UAE.
  • Trusted and reliable HRMS, CRM, and accounting software services, less fee..
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Hey there! We're the best helpers for HR Software in Dubai! That means we have special computer tools to help people who work in companies. We're really good at it! We also help make sure people get paid the right amount.

Our special computer programs are super smart and easy to use. So, people who work in companies can learn how to use them in just a few minutes. These programs help keep important info about employees, like their names, jobs, when they started working, and even where they live.

We also help with deciding how much money employees should get, like their basic pay, house allowance, and travel money. This is especially useful for companies in the UAE.

Did you know? We also help keep track of things like when employees take time off from work, when they get promoted or move to a different place, and even who depends on them. It's like keeping all this info super organized and correct. Plus, we have a tool that helps bosses see how well employees are doing at their jobs in real-time.

Lots of companies from Saudi Arabia like working with us too! This shows we're really good at what we do in this part of the world!

Here are some things we help with:

  • Employee Profile Management
  • Man Power Resources Management
  • Salary Management
  • Attendance Management (Biometric Integration)
  • Leave Management
  • Loan and Advances Management
  • Organization Chart
  • Asset Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • WPS & SIF file Generation
  • Payroll Management
  • Human resource management

Our services are perfect for medium-sized businesses!





Sales Automation

Making work easier is what CRM automation does. Imagine a helper in the computer that does things automatically, so people can get more stuff done. This is super useful for businesses that talk to other businesses and regular customers. It helps them organize their work and make things simpler. One important part is sales automation, which is like having a smart tool that does repetitive tasks to make sure customers have a great experience. We use really good CRM software that helps us keep track of all our customers, their interactions with us, and how we support them. It's like a special tool on the internet that helps us manage our relationships with customers. This tool also helps with different tasks like sales, fixing things out in the field, and giving support to customers. New companies just starting out also find it helpful. They use CRM to keep in touch with customers on social media, talk to people who call for help, and work with the companies that supply them with things they need. The main things about CRM are that it should work well, be tested to make sure it works right, and it should be easy for everyone to use.

Free Support

Making CRM work well isn't just about fancy technology. It's about getting people, including business owners, to use it easily. That's why our customer support is super important. We're here to help you whenever you need it, including assistance with integrating cloud-based CRM software seamlessly. We even provide extra help if something goes wrong, like a computer problem or a big mistake. CRM, along with the integration of cloud-based CRM software, is like a clever assistant. It keeps track of all the times we talk to customers and clients. It remembers their details and the things we talked about. In addition, integrating HR software in UAE for performance management and training management into the CRM system can streamline operations further, enhancing efficiency for businesses. And if something doesn't work right, we're like detectives who fix the problems. We talk to our colleagues to figure out what's wrong and guide them on how to make things right. We make a list of things to do and put the most important ones at the top. This way, we solve the really urgent problems first.

Campaigns Email Marketing

You can use your CRM system to do marketing stuff, like making ads and sending emails, as well as managing employee performance and automated payroll, including payroll software in UAE, benefitting HR departments. Our system even has a special tool for sending emails, so you don't need another one. Everything you need is right in one place. Let's talk about three types of emails that work really well to talk to your customers: Newsletters that share interesting stuff, flexible emails that can change based on who gets them, and emails that you can check if people opened them. Additionally, our integrated CRM system allows for effective monitoring of employee performance and automated payroll, providing valuable insights for HR departments and business optimization. Minimizing the risk of human error, our system ensures accurate and reliable data handling across various tasks, further enhancing the efficiency of your business processes.

CRM Reporting

CRM reporting is like a special tool in CRM that helps people in marketing and sales understand what customers need right now, including employee satisfaction information. It shows cool pictures and useful information about how customers are talking to the company and employees working within it. We have two really smart tools: the sales CRM software, which can write reports, including core HR data, and tools that automate HR functions. These reports tell you how well your sales and marketing are doing. One type of report tells you what happened in the past, and another type tries to guess what will happen in the future. Whether you are looking for CRM software in Dubai, UAE, or a reliable CRM tool, we've got you covered. If there's a user-friendly report you need that we don't have, we'll make it for you for free.

Role Based Permissions

Picking ShazebICT is a smart choice, and here's why in four simple points: 1. VAT Compliant: We make sure all your money stuff follows the tax rules. This means we create invoices and reports that the government likes. We also do the math for taxes and give you the reports you need. So, you won't have to worry about missing tax deadlines. 2. Scalable: You can make your business bigger with our help. We send reminders to lots of customers about their payments automatically. And if you're selling things to people in different countries, our system makes it easy. We also let you add more features to match how your company works. This helps you do things automatically and save time. 3. Easy to Share: With us, you can work with your accountants and colleagues without paying extra. We have a special way to let everyone do what they need to do without any extra costs. So, if you want your business to grow, follow tax rules, and work smoothly with others, Shazeb ICT is here to help!

Accounting Software

There are four key reasons why you should select ShazebICT. Beginning with VAT Compliant: We issue VAT-compliant invoices, compile financial reports, calculate taxes, and provide tax reports to help you keep on top of your taxes - on time, every time. Scalable: Grow your business by sending automatic payment reminders to thousands of customers. Our multi-currency invoicing make international sales a snap. SICT allows you to develop layers of functionality to accommodate the most unique company models by automating your business operations. Collaborative: With our role-based access, you may safely collaborate with your accountants and colleagues without incurring additional user costs. 

LinkCRM is like a super organized system that helps businesses keep track of their customers and manage their relationships with them. It's kind of like having a really smart assistant for your company! Lots of different kinds of businesses, from small ones just starting out to really big ones, can use LinkCRM because it's so flexible for hr operations.

Now, imagine you're in Dubai, a really busy place where lots of different people and companies come together to do business. In Dubai, there's this special kind of software called HRMS software. It's like a super tool for helping companies manage their employees and make sure everything is running smoothly.

LinkCRM is extra good at helping with HRMS software in Dubai. It knows exactly what businesses there need to keep their employees happy and their operations running smoothly. With LinkCRM, companies in Dubai can do things like keep track of who works for them, make sure everyone gets paid correctly, and even help them find new people to hire.

Using LinkCRM's HRMS software in Dubai is like having a superpower for managing employees. It makes things like keeping track of who's at work, giving out benefits, and helping employees grow in their careers much easier. And because Dubai is such a busy and competitive place, having great HR management can really give companies an edge.

So, with LinkCRM's HRMS software, companies in Dubai can focus on doing their best work without getting bogged down in paperwork. It helps them be more efficient, productive, and successful in the exciting world of business in Dubai.

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How SICT Simplifies HR & Payroll Management


Payroll management is a platform that allows you to access, run, and manage all of your payrolls from onboarding employees to ensuring compliance to handling exit processes, through a remote system - the cloud - utilizing is nothing more than a computer linked to the internet. A cloud-based payroll system is a huge help for companies, especially the payroll department, who are still functioning remotely. It enables workers to work from any location and have access to the same information as if they were at their office. All while assuring secure payroll transactions and data upkeep through fine-grained security mechanisms that prevent data leaks or unauthorized access. SICT's Top Talent team can execute the payroll process in a way that saves time, and money.


HRM techniques manage people in the workplace to fulfill the organization's purpose and reinforce the culture. When done correctly, HR managers may assist in the recruitment of new professionals with the abilities required to further the company's goals, as well as in the training and development of present employees to achieve objectives. So a business is only as good when its employees, human resource management is an essential part of sustaining or improving the company's health. This might involve ensuring that salary and benefits are fair, that events are organized to protect employees from burning out, and that job role are adapted based on the economy.


An insurance payroll audit can be used by businesses to ensure that their payroll data are accurate. The auditor (either an employee or an outside auditor) will ensure that all participating workers are paid correctly and that no one is under or overpaid. This audit method guarantees that your company follows the law while also paying your employees properly.  Compliance is helpful to the company's performance. Most companies are required to keep records of hours worked, daily charges, and daily reductions. They must also maintain track of employees' holiday pay, bereavement pay, paid time off, and other kinds of compensation using our software in UAE.


We've got your back! To cover the need, our ESS gateway for HRMS is complete. It will not only benefit remote workers, but it will also reduce time-consuming processes and maximize results for all in-house and HR-related tasks. For a flawless Human Resource Management system, this is a must-have tool for all companies. So leave everything to SICT! Let's get started with time tracking, payroll information, sick leave reporting, leave request management, employee benefits & entitlements, agreements, contracts, team absence calendar, attendance, travel and receipts, work events, personal details like the address book, and emergency contact numbers. 


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