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We believe in offering our customers the same products as others. But at a lower price, with better support and after-sales service. We ensure that our product quality is of the highest standard. Because we are less concerned with profit. And more concerned with building a trust with you.

Why Trust SICT?

  • 10+ years in the market. Best products and service at low-cost.
  • Experience in deploying 1000's of devices.
  • Our services extend from Dubai and across the UAE.
  • One-stop, affordable and reliable solution.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Trusted engineers and technicians with over 10 years of experience.


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Before purchasing a refurbished laptop and read the reviews:

Before purchasing a refurbished laptop and read the reviews:

When writing online reviews. The vast majority of customers will provide honest and insightful feedback. Before you buy a refurbished laptop or used device. Read the feedback on any devices you're thinking about buying. Look for patterns in the reviews. Both for the computer's positives and negatives.


When purchasing a refurbished laptop or Mac, look for a warranty:
Determine how much of a discount you will get on the refurbished device:
Examine whether the refurbished got batteries replace:
Determine the year that the used laptop is launched:

Brands for you 

Used laptop for sale in dubai

By choosing Shazeb ICT to design your branding you can have the best matching and suitable brand in no time! We provide second hand laptop services in dubai at affordable prices and 100% customer satisfaction!

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