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We are shazeb ICT one of the best IT services in Dubai. We provide software for businessmen and founder for their firms. Our technical experts will manage their creation, management and enhance their groups. We deliver the finest IT services and IT support in Dubai. Our service extends from Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE. And our services include IT security, IT network, IT framework, IT maintenance, and IT support. We are a one-stop solution for all your IT requirements. Feel free to contact us for a better tomorrow.

Why Why trust and choose SICT service?

  • A decade of experience in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Trusted IT support services at affordable prices.
  • Complete managed IT services, cloud solutions and AMC. 
  • 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver the best IT services.
  • We save your time and money.
  • Reducing IT services costs and improving production.
  • Trusted IT Support Engineers with over 10 years of experience in the market.

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We Provide Quality IT Services & Support Services In Dubai & Across UAE

You can have our services in Dubai, Sharjah, & Across the UAE. SICT is an expert in managing the company. Technical systems, framework maintenance, and system operation. 24×7 Technical Support. We can manage your companies IT Services & IT Support in the UAE for a reasonable charge. In SICT, customer satisfaction is our first priority. So there is no need for you to pay for each visit by our employees to your company for your IT needs. We will provide a package of 6 months or 1 year according to your IT needs. We works closely with our all-inclusive IT support agreement. You will not have to worry about IT support difficulties. Your information technology (IT) systems and network equipment. Will receive thorough preventive maintenance, routine checks, and analysis. Assuring that you can use all of your IT systems without an issue.

Complete Managed IT Support Services Dubai



Our mission is to provide our customers with the most valuable information. For all their IT Needs. Allows them to make the best purchasing decisions. And purchase the best & quality things. We give this valuable information not only for the commitment. To the greatest level of customer satisfaction as it's our company policy. We offer a wide range of services which helps large number of consumers. Our Managed IT Services include everything from A to Z. Pro-active Maintenance of Framework to Monitoring the applications 24×7. Our Professional Services will give you the peace of mind. And helps you to guide the right way for developing and your operations run smoothly. We offer a variety of services that deliver solutions on-time and within your budget






Having effective network design, application, maintenance, managed service and support gives peace of mind.

SICT is one of the finest IT service companies in Dubai. We've been delivering excellence in IT services, IT support, and all your IT needs. We are one-stop IT solution in Dubai. UAE to offer and solve all your technical issues with our qualified specialists. To deliver the best quality services for you. We have combined your IT requirements into a package. This package has different types of network design. So you can choose based on your needs and budget. We have full covered plans as per your needs, and you can choose the best. The maintenance support we have got you covered in all your good and bad times. 12+ years of servicing clients around Dubai and across the UAE. We are more than IT company we supply high-quality goods to your IT framework. From network cabling, telephonic system, CRM & ERP systems. To data cabling, Zimbra, Pabx, hosting service, accounting software, AMC software. And all kind of software for your IT Service needs.     

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Feel free to contact us at +971-04-351-0481 

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Keeping IT Costs Under Control
Recurring IT Issues
Company Capitalize
We Offer Managed IT Services inside Dubai UAE


To grow and shine in the market, you need a solid and up-to-date IT framework. It is a hard part for small and startup companies to maintain the market speed. That's why you need us we can take care of it. We will handle all your IT needs in the finest way. So you can concentrate in developing your management. We have been in the market for a decade. We know the best tactical plans that will work. By choosing us, you will get the best IT intelligence. We deliver managed it support and quality services with products that are in line with the latest trends.




Your process for business procedures and systems is vital to your success. To be competitive, you must keep them optimized and up to date. Allow SICT Dubai's skilled experts to teach you how to use your resources in the best way. I have connected my IT framework with major capital amount. As well as ongoing expenditures for maintenance and upgrades. Planning is essential to assure cost-effective and maintain high service standards. We provide a stronger alignment of IT with business objectives. By making better use of current assets.


There aren't many agencies on the market but cannot match. SICT IT services in variety, experience, and depth of services. Our increasing ties with top IT brands enable us to provide. The most up-to-date hardware solutions and service choices on the market. With our help, you'll have the hands-on coverage you need. Our support team are specialized in development and business performance. We provide upgrades, support, operations, and maintenance.


Telecom network planning and consulting. From system integration and migration to network upgrade. Services are all part of the professional telephone system services. Installation, testing, repair, and replacement services, as well as software upgrades, play a major role. to meet your corporate connection needs. We are available 24 hours in a day and seven days in the week..

Professional IT Support

SICT IT Services and solution company in dubai was formed to guide organizations in maximizing their performance and optimizing current processes, as well as to partner with them in reaching their goals and targets. We develop and implement technology that increases our client's productivity and efficiency. Finally, we assist our clients in becoming high-performing companies. We are Dubai's leading solution provider for businesses today. Expertise and experience drive our firm. Our main objective is customer happiness, and we make sure that all of our clients receive the best services possible. We can assure efficiency and accuracy in your business with our skilled staff. We assist you to simplify your operations and provide ease to optimize your productivity with IT solutions. Our staff not only has the necessary abilities to make a difference, but they also have in-depth expertise, allowing them to customize solutions to your specific needs. With our IT services in Dubai, you can compete with other enterprises in your field and establish yourself as a market leader.

Data Recovery
Desktop Maintenance
IT AMC Support


When there is a problem, the SICT Helpdesk team is the first point of contact for the majority of our clients. Our Helpdesk team not only communicates clearly but also has many years of experience in resolving IT issues. The Technical team is a part of the Helpdesk that you don't see or even talk to, but they have even more experience and are specialists in their own right. The SICT Technical team is part of the Helpdesk but provides technical support to both our on-site engineers and the Helpdesk. For more information, please contact us.



Reporting is quite often the only way for our clients to assess SICT's performance. Many IT issues are resolved without our clients' knowledge. In fact, the vast majority of IT support tickets are generated and resolved without the involvement of the client; this is referred to as preventive service. Reporting is the benchmark by which SICT clients can measure and visualize our services. For more information, please contact us.


SICT can assist in customizing and implementing Policies and Procedures. Policies and Procedures are the structured way for our Clients to describe their processes, from Standards to Backup systems, from Hiring to Dismissing - Policies and Procedures are frequently the only way for our Clients to document and improve internal as well as external processes. SICT employs the same policies and processes to provide award-winning IT support. For more information, please contact us.


A number of SICT Clients have requested Onsite Engineers, in which we collaborate with our Clients to provide the right person and skill set. In many cases, we find that a part-time Onsite engineer, rather than a full-time Onsite engineer, will resolve a time-critical problem more cost-effectively. A well-executed technology roadmap by using Managed Services can even eliminate the need for an onsite engineer in many cases. When remote support or telephone support is insufficient, our onsite engineers provide callout onsite support. SICT takes pride in clear communication and quick resolution. For more information, please contact us.



IT leasing ensures that your office equipment is always up to date. Computers, servers, printers, software, and other technological devices become obsolete over time. SICT as your equipment leasing company bears the financial burden of obsolescence when you lease IT hardware. One constant is that technology will become obsolete quickly, in a matter of months. For more information, please contact us.


Imagine not being able to enter your office in the morning due to a building fire, flooding, or legal disputes. How will you continue to carry out business? SICT has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to ensure that our clients continue to receive high-quality IT support. Nobody wants to plan for the worst, but failing to do so could harm your business or force it to close. DR does not have to be costly; simply implementing Policies and Procedures, off-site backup, and Cloud Solutions can save you money and time. For more information, please contact us.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMCs)
Upgrades of Old Computers
Business Consulting
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Enterprise Rerouce Planning (ERP)
Sales Force Automation
Cloud services including hosted email and back up
Reliable and dependable IT services
Troubleshooting Issues

IT Services in Dubai, UAE

By choosing Shazeb ICT you will have managed IT service & support, AMC services, CRM & ERP solutions, HR & payroll software, accounts & inventory solutions & 24*7 backup for our customers. 100% satisfaction guarantee!!

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