Your Surveillance Camera and its eye - The Lens

How do I choose best CCTV Lens in Dubai UAE ?
We suggest good quality lens, The first specification to consider when choosing a security camera lens is its focal length. The focal length of a lens determines both the range and distance of its field of vision.


Why Trust SICT for Surveillance systems ?

  • Decade of experience in UAE. honest advise, service and Less Fee.
  • Experience of installing 100s of sites in dubai, uae, India & Overseas.
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Why Security cameras vision is blurred or not clear ?

Constantly blurred images have a wide range of possible causes. Below are some of things you can check for. If your images are intermittently blurry rather than constant, see the “Intermittent Blurring” section.

  • Spiderwebs
  • Dirt and dust
  • Cable length
  • Cable quality
  • Camera adjustments
  • Focus
  • Firmware Update needed



Features of our service

The features which make our CCTV Lens reliable and efficient for you are mentioned below:
alt We ship cameras, lens and accessorie from trusted vendors like Hikvision, Dahua, CNBC, Samsung etc.
alt We supply only certified lens from trusted cctv manufacturers.
alt Let us know your needs and specifications and we will deliver lens and cameras according to your requiresments anywhere in Dubai & UAE.
alt Excellent after sales service until we meet your satisfaction related to security system.

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